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Below are my Bitcoin "Tweets of the Week!"
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TheLogicalShaman 100% #BTC
Anyone want to help out a new dad?

Joko ⚡️
Y’all thought i was joking when i said i’m keeping a list of everyone who removed their laser eyes before 100k

BTCDELICA ☯️☣️⛏️🌽💎🔑=🧀
Normieland forced to digest some hard truths this week.
#Bitcoin built from this, for this.
No second best, be your own bank.

Mickey Koss
As companies struggle to make payroll this week, I think this might just be a spark that lights a fire behind #Bitcoin. Trustless money might just be the thing that helps to stem the tide of catastrophe in a system where trust appears to be crumbling.

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