@realBitcoinDog Newsletter: Announcing 2/21 Bitcoin Girl Kindle Countdown Deal!

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On the 21st I kickoff "Bitcoin Girl" Kindle Countdown Deal live w/ @q_liketheletter! Kindle only and just for US and UK Amazon. Prior pre-sale $3.21 price truly was the steepest discount, but this sale will be 60% off for $3.99 and increase by $1 every 33 hours over a week! The last day of February will be your last chance to buy the kindle version for 21% off, $7.99 until forever returning to full price $9.99!

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Who is the #Bitcoin pleb I have to thank for this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review?
“Bitcoin Girl: Save the World is a delightfully entertaining and surprisingly complex read filled with playful dialogue and relatable character development.”
Thank you Sam C!


Mainly because my girlfriend is sick of me talking to her about #Bitcoin I am starting a new show:
LATE NIGHT BITCOIN WITH Q will premiere on Monday, February 13th at 11pm EST Live on Twitter Spaces.


BTCDELICA ☯️=☣️⛏️=🌽💎🔑=🧀
I enjoy this approach and time stamping the original moment in #Bitcoin methods. To think these were pulled out of the ground for the first time in millions of years potentially, is astounding to ponder deeply. Mining quartz and gifting to plebs who appreciate pow Brinn’s me joy.


Saying a backdoor is like saying there is a backdoor to all the trees in a state, you can’t do that they are not centralized


"Bitcoin Girl Save the World" Available Now!

"Bitcoin Girl Save the World" Available Now!

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