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TA on #btc?
C u at $250k per coin, then at $2mm per coin and I don’t give two shits how we get there
If you are sweating the next $5k move you are in the wrong game
Go trade stonks with idiot Cramer.
#btc is a long game for real risk managers. Not fukkin pretenders.
C u


Imagine working everyday to earn for a money that’ll be devalued by inflation (FED created for free) then you use some of that hard earned money to buy PoS shitcoins i.e #ethereum, #solana whose founders can create for free again! Rekt twice. #BTC can’t be created for free 😉


It’s rly funny how the world thinks they can regulate $BTC clearly they haven’t read Bitcoin girl saves the world


7. Bitcoiners reply by pointing out that this shows exactly why the original criticism of PoS was valid – that PoS is basically a feudal system where the poor have to pay extravagant fees to the rich to use the system; nevermind that the rich are currently forbidden …👇


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"Bitcoin Girl Save the World" Available Now!

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